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I'm a digital native, modern nomad, gamer, parent, and Airman. All of these are important aspect of who I am and what I do. This blog echoes my interests, challenges, and most importantly: lessons learned.

I have a wide range of technical, management, and leadership experience in my personal life, private industry, and the military. While I still proudly serve the U.S. Air Force, my strongest drive is to serve my country and its people, including the Airmen I work with. My guiding principles are important, though evolving. One of the most important ones (that still gets me in trouble) is simple:


I'd rather do the right thing the wrong way than do the wrong thing the right way. 




  • 14+ Years as Active Duty Enlisted Airman

  • 11 deployments to various locations across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa

  • Numerous deployed/in-garrison/staff leadership roles leading and developing teams of up to 300 Airmen, government civilians, and contractors

  • Experience in numerous technical roles, including aviation operations, communications equipment operation/troubleshooting, and personnel administration 


  • Master of Arts - International Relations, University of Oklahoma, 2021 (projected)

  • Bachelors of Arts - Middle Eastern Studies, American Military University, 2009

  • Associate of Science - Communications Applications Technology, Community College of the Air Force, 2009

  • Associate of Arts - Arabic Studies, Defense Language Institute, 2007 



  • Master Resiliency Trainer, U.S. Air Force, 2016

  • Professional Manager's CertificationCommunity College of the Air Force, 2016

  • CompTIA Security+ (no longer active) 2013-2019

  • CompTIA Network+ (no longer active) 2013-2019


  • Reading, gaming, fitness, traveling, cooking, driving, amateur radio, writing

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